Patient Testimonials


I was truly blessed on December 12, 2011 by having the gastric sleeve surgery.  Dr. Marx is an angel of mercy.  I weighed 392 pounds.  As of January 31, 2013, I have lost over 140 pounds.  I wore a size 36 and now I am an 18, sometimes a 16.  I was on a CPAP machine.  I no longer need it for sleep apnea.  I also had blockages in both legs and thighs. I no longer have them.  My blood pressure medication has been decreased.  I once suffered daily from acid reflux and asthma.  I no longer have acid reflux and my asthma is so much better.  I had swelling in my legs and major back pain constantly.  I no longer swell at all.  My back pain is at minimal.  I feel as if I am 16 years old again and I have never felt better.  I exercise daily and eat right now.  I applaud Dr. Marx to the highest.  I also give praise and honor to him and his entire staff.  The staff are angels also.  I now have a new outlook on life.  Thank you, Dr. Marx


I had the sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss procedure 7 months ago with Dr. Marx. Look at me now! I have lost 10 inches in my waist and lost 98 pounds. I would recommend this procedure to anybody who is obese and definitely recommend Dr. Marx. My experience has been very positive throughout the entire process. I am no longer on my diabetic medication and have been able to stop one of my high blood pressure pills. My aches and pains have decreased significantly and my energy level has gone through the roof. And I'm not done yet.


I had the sleeve done in October of 2012 and I am already down to my goal weight as of January 2013.  The staff and Dr. Marx have been absolutely wonderful.  They have answered all my questions, offered support, and called to keep check on me!  I started out at 230 lbs.  I am now 160lbs.  I was on medication for hypertension and high cholesterol.  I no longer take these.  My energy levels have increased and I exercise on a regular basis.  It’s a great feeling when people tell me I look like I did when I was in high school!!!



I have that WOW! factor now.  People really don’t recognize me anymore.  And when they do, they are amazed.  My name is Eric Bowie and I had the gastric sleeve surgery done by Dr. Marx September 1, 2011.  It has been 7 weeks and I have lost 62 pounds!  Having this procedure has been awesome.  The results have been incredible.  I had sleep apnea prior to surgery, and I haven’t had to use the CPAP machine at night since surgery.  I have stopped my blood pressure medicine.  My acid reflux is gone.  I am up to jogging one mile a day.  I have not jogged since college and I am 39 years old.  Can you imagine how awesome that is?  

I would recommend this procedure and Dr. Marx to anyone.  And I have.  My wife had the same procedure 2 weeks ago, and we are starting to see an incredible weight loss in her, too.  There is such a short recovery time, and you just feel normal after surgery.  I stayed one night in the hospital, and 2 days later, I was pretty much back to my normal routine. 

You don’t feel hungry- not like I did prior to surgery.  You eat small amounts of food and then you feel full.  What’s incredible is that I don’t feel like I’m missing something.  If you think you will miss the food- believe me, you won’t.  You just don’t think about it anymore. 

Dr. Marx and his staff have been the best!  Dr. Marx did a wonderful job  and his nurse, Teresa has been an angel.  She helped ease me through every step and I felt like I could always call and talk to her-She was there for me anytime I had questions and she constantly encouraged me.   

I can’t wait to see what I can do next! photo available